Summer Scarves Wholesale Los Angeles

Scarves are great anytime of the year and are great add-on items for your retail store. At Dynamic Asia, we are stocked with a fantastic selection of summer scarves at wholesale in Los Angeles. If you’re in the U.S., shipping is easy because we ship directly from our LA warehouse. So if you’re looking for some great wholesale summer scarves, we’ve got you covered.

Buy Summer Scarves Wholesale!

We have a great selection of wholesale scarves since we are a top scarf importer in Los Angeles. If you’re looking for printed patterns, solids or bright scarves at wholesale, we have them all! Check out just some of our favorites below:

shop bulk scarf wholesale from Los Angeles wholesale summer scarves bulk wholesale beach accessories scarves summer 2017

We stock the best quality of wholesale beach accessories scarves. Many of our wholesale summer scarves are lightweight and large enough to double as a sarong. And they are soft to the touch since many of our wholesale scarves are made from viscose and cotton.

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If you need to place a bulk scarf order soon, you’ve come to the right place. You can easily browse our selection of stylish wholesale scarves and fashion accessories on our Wholesale Fashion Accessories Website. For all new retailers, we do ask for your Tax ID when placing an order. And we are happy to help get you set up with an account if you need assistance.

Have any questions about wholesale womens scarves for the summer? Or any other items from our website? Feel free to contact us through the contact page on our website.

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Buying Bulk Summer Scarves for 2015

Buying bulk Summer scarves for 2015 is a great line to add to your “To-Do List.”

Maybe you are curious about how and why you would buy scarves in bulk and high volume quantities–maybe you like the style, you want to sell a lot, etc.

Whatever the reason is when you have a handful of the same item that you know people want, then you are always a winner. People are always going to want sun protection, and people are always going to want to accessorize. 

A summer scarf is one of the best ways to add a touch of pattern and color to an outfit, and also perfect for covering sensitive areas for sun exposure, such as the neck and shoulders. Despite adding an extra layer, using a lightweight scarf for sun protection can actually keep one cooler for longer.

Some of the best scarves for 2015 are listed below. Scroll down to see our top picks!

Embroidered Summer Scarves-Dynamic Asia

Buying a bulk scarf style is important.  Embroidered scarf styles are even better! Why? Because embroidery is such a beautiful craft in itself, and to see such gorgeous stitching on a scarf is like artwork. The flower embroidery makes this scarf appear a bit three dimensional. The flowers really do stand out and look quite stunning…

Four Layer Scarf-Dynamic Asia Wholesale Scarves

Sheer four layer bulk scarves like this one is actually not as thin as it looks. It has 4 lightweight layers which actually help with sun protection.  It may have 4 layers, but because they are practically sheer, this does not make one hot, but rather, keep one cool and fresh.

Lightweight Summer Scarves Wholesale-Dynamic Asia

Buy bulk summer scarves like this lightweight graphic flower summer scarf. It is a great combination of prints and solids. Mixing different monochromatic prints is so in, and so is this scarf. Do you like, or do you love?

Colorful Summer Scarves Wholesale Colorful Scarf-Dynamic Asia

Wholesale summer scarves 2015, like these wholesale colorful scarves are perfect for adding a touch of color to any outfit. Sometimes a colorful scarf is just the ticket for the final finishing touches of an outfit. Mix and match your shoes and/or purse with a color of choice.

Tye Dye Colorful Scarf-Dynamic Asia

Tye Dye crinkle scarf. Need we say more? Tye dye has always been in, and will never go out of style. We love the tye dye trend, and we know your customers will too. Tye dye is fun, playful and artsy. This scarf style incorporates two colors, and is therefore more sublte and mature than the typical rainbow tye dye trend that we all remember from the 90’s 😉

Neon Leopard Print Scarf-Dynamic Asia

Neon leopard print scarf? Yes please! We are loving the neon trend, and we love how this scarf incorporates neon in a subtle manner. Click the image to see the other amazing bright colors this scarf is available in!

White Summer Scarf Wholesale-Dynamic Asia

You cannot go wrong with a white lightweight scarf. This is the epitome of Spring and Summer. A white scarf is as cool, literally and figuratively, as it gets. Is there a white solid scarf on your wish list? There should be.

Like what you see? If you want to see more, check out our entire Summer Scarf Collection now.

Happy Shopping!

-Team Dynamic

Bulk Scarves Wholesale

Buy bulk scarves wholesale and save on the hottest accessory of the year. A scarf is not just a stylish accessory, but it is the perfect accessory that doubles as extra warmth!

(Just click that link)

Our scarfs are categorized primarily as Spring/Summer and Fall/Winter, but we also have great hat/scarf sets, as well as shawls & capelets. Below are a few of our top favorites & best sellers!

Gradual Stripe Knit Scarf-Dynamic Asia

Wholesale scarves for sale never looked so good! Isn’t this gradual stripe knit bulk scarf stunning? It is thick enough to provide optimal warmth during the Winter.

Wavy Stripe Multicolor Scarf-Dynamic Asia

This wavy stripe multicolor scarf is great for that amazing pop of color– there are 6 different color bulk scarves combinations all together.

Bulk Scarf Wholesale Scarves-Dynamic Asia

The wide horizontal stripes blend together for monochromatic look, which is actually quite stunning wide stripes scarf doubles as a shawl for back and shoulder coverage.

Wholesale Scarves Buy Scarves Wholesale-Dynamic Asia

This cozy woven scarf is a perfect example of a scarf that can easily be worn as a shawl. This scarf is available in 6 colors, including green, pink, brown and blue.  Buy scarves wholesale and buy in variety!

Hat and Scarf Set Wholesale Matching Hats and Scarves-Dynamic Asia

How great is this matching striped cabbie and scarf set? These two would look great with a pair of boots and a great jacket.

Big Daisy Print Scarf Wholesale Scarves-Dynamic Asia

This is one of our favorite Spring/Summer scarf. It is available in 4 color options and is lightweight for light warmth, and very stylish. Add a bright pop of color to any outfit.

Printed Infinity Scarf Wholesale-Dynamic Asia

We definitely carry a variety of infinity scarves as well. Here is an example of one of our lightweight infinity scarves. It is available in blue, olive, brown and coral.

Chunky Knit Inifinity Scarf Wholesale Scarves-Dynamic Asia

Looking for winter infinity scarves? This one is a must-have! This chunky knit scarf will keep anyone warm and looking stylish.

Like what you see? We definitely carry something for everyone at Dynamic Asia–which were your favorites?

We look forward to hearing from you! Feel free to Contact Us with any questions you may have.

If you plan on ordering in large bulk and would like to stop by our showroom, please call ahead of time to make an appointment. Showroom visits are by appointment only and for large bulk buyers. Don’t forget, when you buy in bulk, you save!

Happy Shopping!

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Bulk Scarves

What’s the best place in downtown Los Angeles to buy bulk scarves?  How about right here at Dynamic Asia!

We sell all types of wholesale scarves, from infinity scarves, to knit and woven, to fashion scarves, and more!

To see our entire wholesale scarf collection, choose a season – winter or summer – and click on one of these links:

Dynamic Asia’s Wholesale Winter Scarf Catalog

Dynamic Asia’s Wholesale Summer Scarf Catalog

If you came to our website looking for scarf photos, there are plenty in the above links.  But for your convenience, below are a few of our most popular wholesale winter scarves this season:


Square Print Woven Scarf-Dynamic Asia

Striped Wool Bend Winter Scarf-Dynamic Asia

Crinkled Loose Weave Winter Scarf Shawl-Dynamic Asia

Wide Striped Wool Blend Winter Scarf-Dynamic Asia

Bohemian Winter Scarf w: Pom Fringe-Dynamic Asia

Knitted Stipe Winter Scarf-Dynamic Asia

Tricolor Extra Long Knit Scarf w:Fringed Ends-Dynamic Asia

White Crochet Scarf w:Dangling Poms-Dynamic Asia

Soft Knitted Winter Motif Scarf w:Reversable Pattern-Dynamic Asia

Soft Knitted Viscose Plaid Winter Scarf-Dynamic Asia

Patterned Silk Knitted Scarf w: Fringe- Boardwalk Style

Our scarves are sold in quantities ranging from three units to dozens.  Infinity scarves, thick knitted, thin woven, winter convertible scarf-shawls…You name it, we have it!

Please feel free to check out our scarf catalog, where you can individually click on other colors and prints to get a sense of the variety of each style.

Dynamic Asia’s Wholesale Scarves

Don’t forget! We offer high-volume discounts, so be sure to buy your scarves in bulk quantities and save BIG this winter — shop Dynamic Asia!

Happy holidays!

-Team Dynamic