Bulk Scarves for Winter

What better accessory to bundle up with than a scarf? Winter is coming and it’s the perfect time to buy bulk winter scarves. At Dynamic Asia we have an array of lovely styles. Whether you’re looking for wholesale blanket scarves or wholesale knit scarves, we have them! So let’s show you some of our bulk scarves for winter.

Bulk Scarves for Winter

There’s nothing cozier than this soft tweed blanket scarf with variegated colored stripes (okay, maybe hanging out by a warm fire might be a bit cozier). It’s thick to keep you warm yet fashionable.

bulk winter scarves womens

And if you liked that blanket scarf, check to this one, it’s a hot seller. It’s a cozy knit scarf with gradual dot stripe pattern in brightly colored combinations. 

wholesale winter scarves los angeles

Another great scarf style is plaid. This super-soft and lightweight plaid scarf can also be worn as a shawl. If you’re looking for wholesale winter scarves with some fringe this one is it.

ladies wholesale fashion scarves

But we can’t forget our infinity scarves! Our collection of wholesale fashion scarves includes this infinity scarf has a stylish basketweave pattern.

best winter scarves wholesale 2017

Winter scarves wholesale for 2017 don’t have to be one-dimensional. This knit winter scarf has two beautiful rosettes in contrasting colors. This is perfect if you’re looking for something with a bit more texture.

shop wholesale knit scarves

Lastly, for the animal lover, we have this very soft and cozy knitted scarf with animal stripes, with small fringe. 

wholesale blanket scarves for winter

With so many styles it’s hard to pin down the best winter scarf but that’s why you can choose them. Want to see more of our wholesale scarves from Los Angeles? Check out on our website, Dynamic Asia.

Our items are ready to ship! If you have any questions about our bulk scarves or any of our items feel free to contact us through the contact page on our website.

Stay cozy in a wonderful winter scarf!

– Team Dynamic

Wholesale Summer Scarves 2017

It’s almost time for one of the season’s hottest fashion accessories: wholesale summer scarves 2017.

In other words, start off this spring and summer right by stocking your store with the best wholesale summer scarves of the year!

Interesting in shopping now for these summer scarves wholesale – I mean, RIGHT NOW? Go to:

Dynamic Asia’s Online Wholesale Summer Scarf Catalog

These lightweight, brightly colored fashion scarves are great for the warm seasons in Los Angeles. Our scarf manufacturers have a variety of prints and patterns that are the perfect match for any customer. Luckily, there are plenty of options for scarf enthusiasts who need to accessorize, no matter how warm the weather gets.

Let’s take a look at a few of our wholesale scarves for sale right now.

wholesale scarves usaWholesale lightweight summer scarf

Scarves Wholesale Los Angeles

Just one fashionably tied scarf can make a simple outfit look and feel brand new. Help your customers explore their creativity by finding new, unique ways to wear their scarves, from the tried-and-true simple wrap to headbands, belts, and more!  You can also use your scarf as a shawl, sarong, or beach cover-up. Go to Wholesale Scarves USA now to shop these trendy styles.

Believe it or not, a basic infinity scarf can be ideal for either formal or informal attire. We these festive, nautical infinity scarves. Whether you’re sailing, having a casual lunch, or evening dinner, this style is sure to be a season favorite.

Wholesale striped infinity scarf 2017


Here at Dynamic Asia, all weather is scarf weather! Our wholesale scarves for sale can be worn year round. If you’re a retailer who’s smart about adding a few choice scarves, neckerchiefs, pashminas, and other prettily printed fabric squares, you’ll lengthen the life of your store’s wardrobe without taking a huge chunk out of your wallet. Also, if you want to buy wholesale summer scarves in larger quantities, we also have a new website for high volume wholesale retailers.


If you have any questions about any of our summer scarves or other wholesale fashion accessories, please don’t hesitate to contact us at our parent company: Dynamic Asia.

Dynamic Asia’s Contact Page

Stay Fashionable,

-Team Dynamic

Fashion Scarves Wholesale – Summer 2016

There is no place better than Dynamic Asia if you are looking to buy wholesale fashion scarves for this summer. As a scarf manufacturer, we have a great collection of lightweight, colorful wholesale fashion scarves that are perfect for the upcoming season.

Shop For Wholesale Fashion Scarves Here

With vivid colors and vibrant patterns, these scarves will elevate an otherwise plain outfit to a whole new level, conveying either a sense of elegance and sophistication, or of effortless chic. What’s more, there is such a wide variety of wholesale scarves here at Dynamic Asia, your customers would be sure to find the perfect one for every occasion, whether it be a day at the beach, a dinner party, a music festival, or a picnic at the park.

Take a look at some of our popular wholesale summer scarves:

Fashion Scarves Wholesale Summer

This lightweight scarf with a hearts and dots print is great for both day and night – when it gets a little breezy at night, it can be worn as a shawl for warmth.

Festival Beach Scarf wholesale summer

This brightly colored scarf, with its little fringes, would be a great accessory to any beach outfit or music festival ensemble.

Tie-Dyed Scarf Summer Wholesale Los Angeles

What is summer without a little tie dye? This style comes in four assorted colors, so your customers would be sure to find one they love.

Wholesale Scarves Summer Los Angeles

This simple, yet chic fashion scarf with a subtle metallic outline pattern adds a touch of sophistication and poise to any outfit. If you have read or seen “Confessions of a Shopaholic,” you would instantly recognize that it is very much like the iconic scarf “The Girl in the Green Scarf” wears – the one that makes her eyes pop, that makes her haircut look more expensive.

These are just a few of our much larger collection of wholesale summer fashion scarves Los Angeles. To browse more items, please visit the Summer Scarves page on our website, where we have everything in stock.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions or would like assistance with your order. We want to make sure you have everything you need.

Have fun shopping!

-Team Dynamic

How to Buy Wholesale Scarves in Los Angeles

How to buy wholesale scarves in Los Angeles is a question you should know the answer to, especially if you are a retailer.

People can go to various wholesalers in the fashion district BUT a better way is to come to Dynamic Asia, because we have spring and summer scarves, fall and winter scarves, easy parking, etc…We have been around 20+ years, and we truly believe in the items we sell, and we value our connections with our customers who buy our products.

Now, maybe your are curious on how to buy wholesale. Have no fear, we are here to answer all your questions. First off, who can buy from Dynamic Asia? Primarily, retailers, wholesalers, and other businesses. If this is your first time ordering with us, this, requires a reseller tax ID during checkout.

Next, all you have to do is shop! Click here to access our entire Catalog of hats and accessories. Our prices are the wholesale prices, because each accessory will generally retail at about double, sometimes triple the wholesale price.

Scroll down to see some of our newest, and most popular wholesale scarves.

Lightweight Scarf with Flower Embroidery Wholesale Scarves Los Angeles-Dynamic Asia

Wholesale scarves Los Angeles don’t have to be basic. Wholesale scarves should be diverse, and in colors, textures, materials, etc. Take this Spring scarf for instance. It has flower embroidery all across, which is something you don’t see very often! So artistic and beautiful. Click the image to see the other vibrant colors it is made in!

Cotton Scarf with Flower Embroidery Wholesale Scarves-Dynamic Asia

How to buy wholesale scarves? Create a fashion forecast, and be one step ahead of the trends every season. Can you tell we are loving the embroidery trend? Here is another amazing flower embroidered scarf that is perfectly simple, yet unique.

Wholesale Scarves Los Angeles-Dynamic Asia

An abstract scarf with a pop of bright colors is perfect. Sometimes customers don’t like flowers, or any other print, but rather, just want something neutral, basic and unique.

how to buy wholesale fashion accessories in Los Angeles-Dynamic Asia

Have you ever wondered how to buy wholesale fashion accessories in Los Angeles? The key is to buy a variety of colors. Customers love variety, and if they love a product so much, they are bound to purchase multiple. This is one of our favorite Summer scarf style, because the colors are beautiful neon and add a fun pop of color to any outfit!

Wholesale Scarf Manufacturer Los Angeles-Dynamic Asia

As a scarf wholesaler Los Angeles, we love our summer weather, but we also love our Fall and Winter accessories. You can never go wrong with plaid in the colder months. This black and white crinkled plaid rayon scarf is perfectly neutral and basic. Wear it as a long scarf, or style is as an oversized blanket scarf.

Colorful Foliage Scarf Wholesale Scarf Manufacturer-Dynamic Asia

Fashion wholesale Downtown Los Angeles is prepared for every season. Some styles are designed to be worn all season long. Take this foliage scarf for instance. The rich colors are vibrant and just as lovely in the Fall as it is for Spring and Summer.

Wholesale Winter Scarves Scarf Wholesaler-Dynamic Asia

If you are looking for a classic Winter scarf, look no further than this snowflake and reindeer scarf. We know we are officially in Spring, but it is never too early to make a wish list of things to order for future seasons.

Screen shot 2015-03-06 at 9.45.07 AM

One trick to buying wholesale scarves and accessories, is to buy style that you can sell all year long. Make money on the same items, instead of them waiting around for the proper weather to roll in. Take this scarf style for instance. The colors are season neutral, and the material is thick enough for light warmth, but thin enough for breathability in hot weather. The color story of each scarf makes these styles look just as amazing in Winter, as in Spring. Cool, huh?

So now that you have seen a little preview of the styles we sell, were there any that stood out that are absolute must-haves? Are you curious to see more? Click here to see our entire Fall/Winter and Spring/Summer Scarf Collections!

If you happen to be in LA or a LA local, you can also conveniently pick up your order. If you are not local, we can of course ship to them anywhere in the world. Enjoy selling these stylish hats anywhere your business may be.

The good thing about stopping by personally to pick up a large volume order or place a large volume order, is that you will get a first hand view of how things work. You never know– while you are browsing our scarf collection, you  just may find some nice hats or kids accessories, closeouts, etc. We have something for everyone.

Please remember: visits are by appointment ONLY and for large volume orders. Call ahead of time if you would like to make an appointment.  If you just want to buy a few pieces, the best way is to shop is here, on our wholesale website.

If you still need answers, feel free to view our FAQ’s page, or Contact Us directly.

We look forward to doing business with you!

Happy Shopping
-Team Dynamic

Wholesale Winter Scarves for Sale

Wholesale Winter scarves for sale– what else sounds better than that? We all know scarves are an amazing accessory, but in Winter, a scarf holds two purposes: warmth and style.

We Californians love our sun, but sometimes a cool chill flows through the air and we need to stay warm and fashionable as if we were in New York! :)

Take a look at the top few styles we have chosen as our must-have wholesale winter scarves:

Bohemian Scarf with Pom Fringe Wholesale-Dynamic AsiaWhen buying wholesale scarves for sale, buy wholesale scarves Los Angeles. This bohemian scarf with pom fringe is stylish and beautiful.

Earth Tone Plaid Scarves Wholesale Hat Distributor Los Angeles-Dynamic Asia

New york style wholesale scarves never looked so good. These warm winter scarves are available in the 4 colors shown above. The natural earth tones make them easy to match with more Fall and Winter outfits.

Pastel Mixed Patterned Stripes Scarf Wholesale Scarf Website-Dynamic Asia

This is one of our newest and most popular because when buying wholesale scarves free shipping is a must! Order in bulk and save! These pastel printed scarves are lovely in the winter.

Wholesale Hats Website-Dynamic Asia

This unisex soft viscose plaid scarf is available in 3 other color combinations, including white and black.


This gorgeous hot pink tweed scarf is perfect for adding a pop of color to any outfit this winter! Click the image to see the other staple colors it is available in!

Crochet Scarf with Dangling Poms-Dynamic Asia
This is one of our thickest scarves: the crochet scarves with the perfect amount of warmth make winter that much more enjoyable.

If you have any questions about our company, follow our FAQ link. If you have further questions, and/or would like to put an order in, Contact Us, and we would be happy to walk you through the ordering process.

Also, don’t forget to sign up for our Newsletter, that way you can receive images and links to our brand new arrivals before anyone else!

Happy Shopping!

-Team Dynamic

Buy Wholesale Scarves

Buy scarves wholesale from Dynamic Asia, and save when you buy in bulk lots of 12 or more!

Here at Dynamic Asia, we love variety. This is why we carry every color and style you can think of!

See our entire selection of wholesale scarves by going to:

Dynamic’s Wholesale Scarves 

Buying scarves wholesale is easy with Dynamic Asia.  If you have questions on how to buy wholesale from an importer like us, just see our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page!

As for variety of scarves, we’ve got scarves for all seasons – including winter and summer, of course.  We have infinity scarves, sheer scarves, thick scarves, printed scarves, solid scarves….and many, many more.

Do you want to see some examples of what we carry? No problem! We put together a list of our top sellers. Which ones will you be stocking up your business with??

  Scarf Manufacturer Wholesale Scarves Plaid Scarf- Dynamic Asia

Scarf manufacturers love this earth tone plaid scarf, because it is like two scarves in one. One side has large multi-colored squares, while the other side has a micro plaid print, which looks amazing as it naturally twists and hangs around the neck. The fringed edges of the scarf add a rustic feel to this great lightweight scarf.

Wholesale Scarves For Sale Patterned Stripes Scarf-Dynamic Asia

One of our newest wholesale scarves for sale is this beautiful pastel printed scarf with several varying printed designs. It is lightweight enough for Spring and Summer, yet warm enough for a colder day in Fall or Winter.


Wholesale scarves Los Angeles would not be complete without this stunning hot pink lightweight scarf, because it is the perfect length to wear as a shawl too.

Scarf Importers Fringe Infinity Scarf Wholesale Scarves Los Angeles- Dynamic Asia

Scarf importers love this fringe infinity scarf, because it is most unique from what is on the market. The fringes are long and provide extra warmth.

Cute Butterly Scarf- Dynamic Asia

Cute Wholesale Scarves Butterfly Printed Scarf Multicolor Print- Dynamic Asiae

Who doesn’t love butterflies? This scarf makes us feel so carefree. It’s both light and fun. Not only is it available in the 4 colors shown, but it is is also available in an infinity scarf! Which style do you like better?

Scarf Manufacturers Wholesale Los Angeles 2-Tone Crinkle Scarf- Dynamic Asia

This 2-tone crinkle scarf looks gorgeous in in emerald green, but it is available in other colors as well, including, black, grey and tan.

Wholesale Scarves for Fall Winter 2014 Gradual Stripe Knit Scarf- Dynamic Asia

This gradual stripe knit scarf is perfect for those Fall days that are just slightly breezy. It is long enough to wear as a shawl, or as a scarf.

Wholesale Winter Scarves Chunky Infinity Neck Warmer- Dynamic Asia

Chunky Infinity Neck Warmer- Dynamic Asia

A chunky infinity neck warmer is perfect for those really cold days. It is called a neck warmer, rather than a scarf, because that is precisely what it is for! It is cute and stylish, but ultimately the purpose is to keep you warm.

Cute Wholesale Scarf Scarves for Spring and Summer- Dynamic Asia

This big daisy print scarf is also one of our top favorites. The bright colors look amazing on a hot, bright sunny day!

Which one was your favorite? Want to see more? Click the link below to view our entire catalog of scarves:

Spring/Summer Scarf Catalog

Fall/Winter Scarf Catalog

Have any questions? Feel free to Contact Us and we will be happy to help you!

When you need to stock up with scarves, no matter what season, shop Dynamic Asia!

Happy Shopping!

-Team Dynamic