Wholesale Straw Boater Hats and Fedoras 

With the summer heat upon us, you may still be shopping for straw hats wholesale. And if you’re looking for some fabulous styles you’re in luck! At Dynamic Asia we have many styles that are sure to be great additions to your store’s selection. So let’s start off by showing you some of our best sellers for wholesale straw boater hats and fedoras!

Wholesale Straw Boater Hats and Fedoras!

It’s still hot outside in many parts of the country so bring out those hats! We have plenty of wholesale straw boater hats in stock that are perfect for this time of year. If you’re looking for wholesale fedoras, check out this one from our Millinery Collection. It’s a summer fedora hat with a hand crocheted pattern from the finest natural organic raffia straw. It has an adjustable inner drawstring and is made from 100% organic raffia straw.

natural straw straw hats wholesale

But maybe you’re looking for a fedora with a bit more color. This lightweight airy fedora hat in knitted straw comes in multiple colors and is shown here in grey. It has a contemporary upturned brim with a black grosgrain band, an adjustable inner drawstring, and an elastic sweatband.

wholesale fedoras for summer

And if you’re buying for kids, this adorable fedora is a must. It’s decorated with a bright butterfly pattern and has a woven hemp band. It comes in one size of 54 centimeters and fits most kids.

wholesale derby hats for kids

Our wholesale straw boater hats have also been a huge hit this summer. If you like more classic styles these two are some great options. The natural straw is a great match to just about any summer outfit!

wholesale straw boater hats and boater hats straw hat manufacturer los angeles

And of course, if you’re looking for something a bit out of the ordinary we have boater hats wholesale styles that are just for you. This design has a lovely black and natural pattern.

new boater hats wholesale

If you’re ready to pick out some wholesale straw hats check out on our website, Dynamic Asia. We are a straw hat manufacturer and have a wonderful selection of wholesale derby hats and more.

All our items are in stock and ready to ship from our wholesale warehouse in Los Angeles, California. And if you have any questions about any of our items feel free to contact us through the contact page on our website.

Stay cool this summer!

– Team Dynamic

Wholesale Summer Hats for Women

If you’re looking for wholesale summer hats for women, you’ve come to the right place.

Welcome to Dynamic Asia, where we’ve got so many different types of summer hats the the ladies, we can’t fit it all in one post!

To see ALL of our wholesale summer hats for women, go directly to this section of our fashion wholesale website:

Buy Wholesale Summer Hats for Women on DynamicAsia.com

If you’re still reading this, great!  In this post we’ve featured some of our most popular and fashionable summer hats for women this summer season.

To start, here’s one of our wide brim toyo straw hats, worn by none other than the beautiful and talented Alexandra Choi:

california hat importers and wholesalers - dynamic asia

And here’s one of our wholesale fedoras on a Southern Calfiornia beach!

wholesale fedora hats and straw beach hats for women - dynamica asia

Summer fedoras work great for the beach, pool, or any other time during the hot summer months.

wholesale fedoras for women - ladies hats by dynamic asia

Below is Los Angeles style blogger, Kristi, from Currently Crushing, cruising around Santa Barbara in one of our wide brim straw hat with frilly edges.  Find this hat and more in our New Wholesale Summer Hats section here on the Dynamic Asia website.

wholesale wide brim straw hats by dynamic asia - photo by CurrentlyCrushing

We’re fans of everything Alina Dinh wears, but especially when she’s in a hat from Dynamic Asia!  Here she’s in a fuchsia fedora, but tomorrow, who knows?

wholesale fedora hats - summer by Dynamic Asia with Alina Dinh

And here’s our friend/model Cazzy in an in-house photo shoot, showing another way to wear our women’s wide brim hats!

womens summer hats wholesale - los angeles california hat wholesaler dynamic asia

And lastly, one of our newest (new for 2015!) wholesale panama hats for women, worn by the fashionable Southern California style blogger Jan Loves 

womens panama hats wholesale by dynamic asia - fashion blogger JanLoves

As you can see, if you’re searching for wholesale summer hats for ladies, you can’t do much better than Dynamic Asia.

Please Contact Us if you have any questions about our wholesale summer hats or anything else.

Happy shopping!

-Team Dynamic

Bulk Fedora Hats

Looking to buy bulk fedora hats for your store?  Of all the fashion hats here in our wholesale warehouse in downtown LA (About Us) few are as popular – or as stylish – as our fedoras.

Ordinarily, our straw, knit, and felt fedoras are an amazing value.  See for yourself:

Dynamic Asia’s Wholesale Summer Fedoras

Dynamic Asia’s Wholesale Winter Fedoras

We actually have so many fedora hats, we need to move them to clear out room for new arrivals!

So, if you’re a retail store looking for a bulk supply of fedora hats, you’re in luck – we recently discounted a number of our high quality fedoras and are selling them in bulk quantities.

And have we got a selection for you!  (See below!)

Each of the fedoras below is sold in bulk lots of 12.  Currently, they are discounted at $3 per unit, so each lot is $36.

Order anytime here on our website, and if have any questions at all please don’t hesitate to Contact Us

Click on any of the pics below to be taken to the product page.  Many of the hats come in an assortment of colors, also pictured on the product page.

Alright so without further ado, our $3 fedoras – sold in bulk lots of 12 – currently include the following styles:

bulk fedora hats - black bulk-fedora-checkered bulk-fedora-green-straw bulk-fedora-brown bulk-fedora-white-cheap bulk-fedora-woven bulk-fedora-blue bulk-fedora-straw-natural bulk-fedora-party-black bulk-fedora-party-blue-band bulk-fedora-white-orange-band bulk-fedora-white-green-band bulk-fedora-soft-natural bulk-fedora-blue-ish bulk-fedora-straw-forrest bulk-fedora-geometric-shapes bulk-fedora-plaid bulk-fedora-spacy bulk-fedora-grey bulk-fedora-neon-green bulk-fedora-pinstripe bulk-fedora-pinstripe-2 bulk-fedora-classic-brown bulk-fedora-woven-band

If you haven’t already (don’t be shy!) click on a picture above to be taken to the individual product page for each fedora.

To see ALL of our bulk fashion hats and handbags, especially for the summer, please go to the following page on our website:

Dynamic Asia’s $3 Bulk Summer Items

Don’t forget, you can order online, 24/7.  We’ll process and ship as soon as we wake up and get into the office.  :)

Happy shopping!

-Team Dynamic

Fashion Trend: Zigzags & Stripes

The word on fashion street is that the big accessories trends of 2013 will be nautical and colorful stripes, zigzag and tribal patterns, and accessories with rope details.

Here at Dynamic Asia (About Us), we work hard to keep up with the latest wholesale fashion trends so we can bring them to you fast, before the trends hit the street!

Below is a sampling of a few of our newest and favorite straw bags, fedoras, and beach hats that feature a striped or zigzag pattern.  You’ll notice many of our beach bags have thick rope handles — not only are they comfortable and practical, but they fit right into the rope trend.

Click on any of the pictures to be taken to the product page or CONTACT US to order!

Don’t see an item that works for you?  This is but a small selection of our wholesale inventory.  We carry so many wholesale summer hats and wholesale handbags with stripes and zigzags that, well, we’re getting tired of typing “stripes” and “zigzags!”  :)

Click any of the links above, or shop the catalog to find great products.  Pack your store this Spring and Summer with trendy striped and zigzagged fashion accessories your customers will love!

Celebrities in Fedoras

As a leading fashion wholesaler here in Los Angeles (About Us), we here at Dynamic Asia try to keep up with the world’s ever-changing fashion trends.

We’re constantly stocking our warehouse with the hottest styles to hit the runways, city streets, nightclubs, and beach spots.  And because we’re in LA, a good way to follow trends is to keep an eye on what celebrities are wearing!

For quite a while now, it seems few hats are as popular with female celebrities as the fedora.  It makes sense, since for something stylish yet casual, a straw fedora is hard to beat.

Below are a few shots of some famous gals rocking the fedora the way it was meant to be rocked!  Let’s make a pledge to look as good in our hats this year!  :)

Can you identify the girl in each pic before reading the caption below?

 Yep, that’s Miley Cyrus on Good Morning America sporting a fedora.

Did you say Ashlee Simpson?  Right on the money!

Okay, so that’s not a girl, but doesn’t Hugh Jackman look great in that hat?

Yes, that’s Jessica Alba. And, hey, that hat looks a lot like our natural woven straw fedora, don’t you think?  (Click the picture below to be taken to the product page.)

While straw looks great, Jessica might have chosen our bestselling summer linen fedora, and looked just as classy yet down-to-earth:

So, if you want to look like a celebrity, or just a shade cooler (get it?) than normal, don’t be without a fedora this summer!

And if you are a retailer or wholesalers, be sure to check out Dynamic Asia’s Summer Fedoras for a great selection!

-Team Dynamic

Fedora Hats Wholesale

Here at Dynamic Asia, we sell a wide variety of wholesale hats, but few are as consistently popular as our fedoras.  It make sense: wearing a fedora can really elevate the cool factor of an outfit for both men and women.  It’s a strong fashion trend that isn’t going to fade away anytime soon.

You’ll find our fedoras in a few different sections on our website, including both wholesale winter hats and wholesale summer hats – click either of those two links if you want to directly browse all of our wholesale fedora hats for every season.


The summer selection varies from handwoven straw fedoras to fedoras made of toyo, paper braid, linen, fabric and more.  A few of our current favorites are below.

alina dinh wholesale pink hats fedoras dynamic asia los angeles wholesale straw fedoras beach hats lisa-linh-wholesale fedoras dynamic buy wholesale fedoras hats straw ladies fashion accessories wholesale fedoras straw hats wholesale beach fedora hats

wholesale fedoras hats black hat with kier mellour

For the fall and winter, we have classic wool felt fedoras, as well as poly knits, wool blends, denim, and more, in a variety of solids or prints.  A couple of examples include the following wholesale winter fedoras.

wholesale felt hats fedoras winter fashion kimberly luu for dynamic asia wholesale winter hats fedoras felt hats - laura lily for dynamic asia wholesale fashion winter hats wool felt fedoras rachael - everything hauler for Dynamic Asia

People from all over the world are wearing our fedoras.  Check ’em out and buy them wholesale today!  We think your customers will be wearing them soon.

—Team Dynamic

Please Note: Dynamic Asia is a fashion importer and wholesaler.  We sell to wholesalers, retailers, and other businesses.  Unfortunately, we currently do not sell directly to the public.  If you like our hats, handbags, or scarves, tell your favorite store to buy from us!