Wholesale Premium Straw Hats

Are you a fashion retailer looking for wholesale straw hats composed of the finest straw on the market? Here at Dynamic Asia, we as straw hat manufacturers produce premium straw hats wholesale. Our millinery collection includes wholesale organic raffia straw hats, wholesale seagrass hats, sinamay hats, church hats, dress hats, upscale cowboy hats, and more. Take a peek at our wholesale premium straw hats.

Wholesale Premium Straw Hats

If you’re looking for wholesale raffia hats this ultra-fine crochet raffia straw kettle/turn-up hat might fit the bill. It also makes a great travel hat because it’s completely packable.


But if you’re looking for wholesale straw fedora hats we have those too! This summer fedora hat is hand-crocheted from the finest natural organic raffia straw. It has a color block crown with tweed pattern and is suitable for both men and women.


And we also have floppy straw hats wholesale. Check out these! This first one is an exquisite wide brim sun hat in very fine raffia straw. It’s hand-crocheted with great attention to detail by skilled artisans. And the next one is a premium quality crocheted raffia straw sun hat with eyelets around the brim and a braided raffia band with turquoise stones.

618-2T 588-2T

If you like the floppy style but looking for something smaller in size these might be it. This first one is a fine, hand-crocheted straw sun hats with a shapeable brim. And the second is a hand-crocheted organic raffia straw hat that is slightly floppy with a color stripe on the crown.

742-2T 740-2T

Lastly, we have a crochet raffia cowboy hat, because this isn’t our first rodeo!


Ready to place your wholesale order for summer? Check out our wholesale resort accessories on our straw hat suppliers website, Dynamic Asia.

Our items are available now! If you have any questions about or any of our items feel free to contact us through the contact page on our website.

Keep is cool is a premium straw hat!

– Team Dynamic

Straw Hat Manufacturers – That’s Us!

Dynamic Asia is one of the leading straw hat manufacturers (that’s us) in the Los Angeles area. We absolutely love our wholesale straw hats, but we enjoy being a straw hat manufacturer.

wholesale straw hat manufacturer

Out of all of the straw hat manufacturers, we have been working closely with over two dozen factories in China to make Dynamic Asia a strong hat importer.

wholesale straw hat manufacturers

If you recently have decided to add straw floppy hats at wholesale pricing into your store, you are in the right place. We are a fantastic straw hat supplier and that always is ready to keep our customers happy.

wholesale hat importer

All of our straw hats at wholesale pricing are trendy, high quality, and they will make your show room look even better.

wholesale straw floppy hats wholesale

Our selection is huge! We have many different colors, styles, and even collections. A straw hat collection can be a huge seller, plus retailers have the freedom to carry straw hats for all seasons.

Wholesale Straw Hats

A straw hat can be a great gift for the entire family or a straw hat can be perfect for a vacation. Whatever the case may be – Dynamic Asia will have you covered.

If you are a new retailer looking for something specific, please do not hesitate to reach out. Our friendly customer service department will get all of your questions answered and help you with your order.

Now is the perfect time to add these lightweight and versatile wholesales summer straw hats to your inventory.  We also have a website for high-volume wholesale retailers called Fashion By the Case.

Stay cool and enjoy shopping!

-Team Dynamic

Headwear Supplier Los Angeles

Dynamic Asia is a premiere hat supplier in the Los Angeles area.  We are an industry leader out of all the headwear suppliers.  Our inventory is fantastic for both established retailers, but also new retailers that are just starting out.

There are several fashion accessories suppliers, but we love to cater to our retailers and provide nothing but the best.

Are you thinking it’s time to add a few or a lot of the best wholesale hats USA has to offer?

Wholesale Hats and Accessories by Collections

Even if you are undecided – we can help you get the best wholesale hats and accessories for your business.  Whether it’s baseball cap manufacturers or you might be looking for leading straw hat manufacturers, Dynamic Asia will not disappoint you ever.

At Dynamic Asia, we are here to help!  We are a strong and dominating straw hat supplier, but we also carry many more different collections that are perfect year round.

Curious about our selection?  Check out these links to see what different wholesale merchandise is ready.

Wholesale Boho Chic Style Hats and Handbags

Wholesale Tropical Getaway Hats and Accessories

Wholesale Nautical Hats and Accessories

Wholesale “Miami Collection” Hats and Accessories

Let’s take a look at just a few of the many different items we have available for wholesale purchasing.

wholesale mohair knit short brim floppy hat

wholesale navy knit floppy hat leather tie

wholesale organic raffia straw sun hat

wholesale luxurious lampshade straw hat wide ribbon

wholesale raffia sun hat flowers

wholesale sinamay hat with flower

Do we have a great selection or what?  Now is the time to get stocked up and ready for an exciting Summer filled with a great selection of inventory for your showroom floor.

Please visit wholesale.dynamicasia.com and add a new collection of stylist new merchandise that your customers will love.

-Team Dynamic

Where to Buy Wholesale Straw Hats

Where can you buy wholesale straw hats?  Why, right here at your favorite headwear supplier in Los Angeles, California – Dynamic Asia!

If you would rather not read this post featuring some of our amazing wholesale straw hats, and instead start shopping for women’s hats right now, go to:

Dynamic Asia’s Wholesale Straw Hats Online Catalog

And now, onto the post…

Straw hats are an example of ancient craftsmanship. People have been harvesting plants in their regions of the world and fashioning the natural material into headwear for hundreds of years.

Today, go practically anywhere in the world and one will find the newer headwear suppliers that come from this very long history of making hats from plants. We partner with the best straw hat manufacturers that have supplied us with a fabulous selection of wholesale straw headwear that are great for the male or female customer.

Are you a retailer looking to shop these styles now? Check our our Wholesale Straw Hats Online Catalog.

Straw hats are light and airy, displaying the product of intricate handicraft. The open weave styles can let more light shine through, while the tighter weaves provide more sun protection, if needed. Both contemporary and timeless, these hats are a perfect item to have on stock. Let’s check out some of our season favorites!

This wide brim summer hat in natural, 100% organic raffia straw braid, really embodies that authentic spirit of these historical hats. The 4 inch brim and tighten woven straw provides great sun protection.

Organic Straw Hat Wholesale

We also love these men’s two-tone wholesale summer fedoras. The contrast of this style makes this an ideal add-on to a more balanced and sophisticated look.

Mens Straw Fedora Striped Wholesale


The touch of color on this handwoven sun hat in natural straw makes this a whimsical look. The turquoise sash gathered into two rosettes and super wide 5.5 inch brim definitely males this one a spring favorite.

Open Weave Straw Hat with Rose Sash Wholesale womens

Dynamic Asia makes it easy to buy quality wholesale hats from China – including bulk sale hats – at super discounted prices, so start shopping for your store today!

Here’s the last example of one of the great wholesale straw hats you can get from your favorite straw hat manufacturers – Dynamic Asia, Los Angeles:

headwear suppliers straw hat manufacturers

Isn’t that one of the best wholesale straw hats (specifically, a ladies panama hat with nautical rope band) that you’ve seen in a long time?  We thought so!  :)

Please feel free to contact us if you have questions about us as a straw hat suppliers or any of our wholesale fashion accessories. We would be more than happy to assist you.

Also, if you want to buy wholesale headwear in bulk we also have a new website for high volume wholesale retailers.  It’s called Fashion by the Case – click that link to start shopping today!

Happy Shopping!

-Team Dynamic

Bulk Sun Hats

It’s never too early or too late to buy bulk sun hats!  We have some great new arrivals, so stock up on these beauties while you keep up with the latest trends!

Would you rather not read a blog post ABOUT wholesale straw sun hats and would rather start browsing our online selection?  Look no further than:

Dynamic Asia’s Wholesale Straw Sun Hats

And if you really want high-volume discounts, and can buy bulk sun hats by the dozen or case, don’t miss our newest site: Fashion by the Case

Buy Bulk Sun Hats and Straw Hats on Fashion by the Case

Here at Dynamic Asia, we’ve taken pride in our customer service for over 20 years, and we truly honor our business and connections.  If this is your first time stopping by, welcome! and be sure to check out our post to see if you qualify for Free Shipping on Wholesale Hats!
Pictured below are some of our best wholesale sun hats!  Click on any of the photos to be taken to a product page, where you can see more colors and buy in bulk – or in quantities of 3 or more!

Wholesale Hat Supplier Open Weave Sun Hat- Dynamic Asia

Wholesale Bulk Hat Supplier Paper Braid Safari Hat- Dynamic Asia

bulk sun hats wholesale

To view our entire selection of wholesale summer hats, just go to:

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us!  We would love to hear from you, or if you are in the Los Angeles area, you may schedule a showroom visit (by appointment only)!
Happy Shopping!
-Team Dynamic

Straw Hat Suppliers and Hat Manufacturers

Have you been scouring the internet for straw hat suppliers?  Sorry your search took so long!  But fear not – you’ve finally arrived at the right wholesale hat website!

At Dynamic Asia (About Us) we have been supplying straw hats to retailers and wholesalers for over 20 years.  (20 years already?  Boy, time sure flies…)

While we are certainly straw hat suppliers, another way to refer to us is as straw hat manufacturers.  Even though we are located in sunny Los Angeles, we have built close personal ties to numerous hat makers in China and across the globe.  This allows us to manufacture the latest styles, and deliver them to your store quickly, and at competitive price points.

When we say we are a straw hat supplier or manufacturer, we don’t mean that straw hats are a small item, or that we only have a few straw hats amidst a plethora of snapbacks and beanies.

Unlike other headwear companies, we specialize in straw hats.  Whether its beach hats, wide brim hats, fedora hats, sun hats, or any other summer hat with great sun protection, we are the only wholesale straw hat supplier you’ll need in order to stock your store!

All of our wholesale straw hats can be found at this link:

Dynamic Asia’s Wholesale Summer Hats

Pictured below are just a few of our straw hats.  Click on a picture to be taken to the product page where you will find different colors for most of the hats, as well as pricing.

wholesale sun hat - handwoven seagrass blue straw wide brim hat straw hat suppliers - cowboy striped straw hat suppliers - straw hat - open weave - red rose sash wholesale straw hat - seashell band fedora hat suppliers - straw - mixed braid opean weave straw hat - silk flower wholesale straw hat - loose weave - red striped hat wholesale gambler hat - straw - bulk raffia sun hat - zigzag stitching turquoise straw hat - wide brim wholesale straw fedora - twisted braid

As you can tell from those pictures – and especially if you clicked and went to the product page – we’re BIG into straw hats.  In fact, we’re kinda known for them.  :)

So order today from your new favorite straw hat manufacturers in Los Angeles!  :)

Happy shopping!

-Team Dynamic