Wholesale Premium Straw Hats

Are you a fashion retailer looking for wholesale straw hats composed of the finest straw on the market? Here at Dynamic Asia, we as straw hat manufacturers produce premium straw hats wholesale. Our millinery collection includes wholesale organic raffia straw hats, wholesale seagrass hats, sinamay hats, church hats, dress hats, upscale cowboy hats, and more. Take a peek at our wholesale premium straw hats.

Wholesale Premium Straw Hats

If you’re looking for wholesale raffia hats this ultra-fine crochet raffia straw kettle/turn-up hat might fit the bill. It also makes a great travel hat because it’s completely packable.


But if you’re looking for wholesale straw fedora hats we have those too! This summer fedora hat is hand-crocheted from the finest natural organic raffia straw. It has a color block crown with tweed pattern and is suitable for both men and women.


And we also have floppy straw hats wholesale. Check out these! This first one is an exquisite wide brim sun hat in very fine raffia straw. It’s hand-crocheted with great attention to detail by skilled artisans. And the next one is a premium quality crocheted raffia straw sun hat with eyelets around the brim and a braided raffia band with turquoise stones.

618-2T 588-2T

If you like the floppy style but looking for something smaller in size these might be it. This first one is a fine, hand-crocheted straw sun hats with a shapeable brim. And the second is a hand-crocheted organic raffia straw hat that is slightly floppy with a color stripe on the crown.

742-2T 740-2T

Lastly, we have a crochet raffia cowboy hat, because this isn’t our first rodeo!


Ready to place your wholesale order for summer? Check out our wholesale resort accessories on our straw hat suppliers website, Dynamic Asia.

Our items are available now! If you have any questions about or any of our items feel free to contact us through the contact page on our website.

Keep is cool is a premium straw hat!

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Where to Buy Wholesale Straw Hats

Where can you buy wholesale straw hats?  Why, right here at your favorite headwear supplier in Los Angeles, California – Dynamic Asia!

If you would rather not read this post featuring some of our amazing wholesale straw hats, and instead start shopping for women’s hats right now, go to:

Dynamic Asia’s Wholesale Straw Hats Online Catalog

And now, onto the post…

Straw hats are an example of ancient craftsmanship. People have been harvesting plants in their regions of the world and fashioning the natural material into headwear for hundreds of years.

Today, go practically anywhere in the world and one will find the newer headwear suppliers that come from this very long history of making hats from plants. We partner with the best straw hat manufacturers that have supplied us with a fabulous selection of wholesale straw headwear that are great for the male or female customer.

Are you a retailer looking to shop these styles now? Check our our Wholesale Straw Hats Online Catalog.

Straw hats are light and airy, displaying the product of intricate handicraft. The open weave styles can let more light shine through, while the tighter weaves provide more sun protection, if needed. Both contemporary and timeless, these hats are a perfect item to have on stock. Let’s check out some of our season favorites!

This wide brim summer hat in natural, 100% organic raffia straw braid, really embodies that authentic spirit of these historical hats. The 4 inch brim and tighten woven straw provides great sun protection.

Organic Straw Hat Wholesale

We also love these men’s two-tone wholesale summer fedoras. The contrast of this style makes this an ideal add-on to a more balanced and sophisticated look.

Mens Straw Fedora Striped Wholesale


The touch of color on this handwoven sun hat in natural straw makes this a whimsical look. The turquoise sash gathered into two rosettes and super wide 5.5 inch brim definitely males this one a spring favorite.

Open Weave Straw Hat with Rose Sash Wholesale womens

Dynamic Asia makes it easy to buy quality wholesale hats from China – including bulk sale hats – at super discounted prices, so start shopping for your store today!

Here’s the last example of one of the great wholesale straw hats you can get from your favorite straw hat manufacturers – Dynamic Asia, Los Angeles:

headwear suppliers straw hat manufacturers

Isn’t that one of the best wholesale straw hats (specifically, a ladies panama hat with nautical rope band) that you’ve seen in a long time?  We thought so!  :)

Please feel free to contact us if you have questions about us as a straw hat suppliers or any of our wholesale fashion accessories. We would be more than happy to assist you.

Also, if you want to buy wholesale headwear in bulk we also have a new website for high volume wholesale retailers.  It’s called Fashion by the Case – click that link to start shopping today!

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Lifeguard Hats Wholesale

Did you know that Dynamic Asia has an incredible inventory of beach hats wholesale? If you’re looking for a new straw hat manufacturer or wholesale straw hat supplier for all your straw hats wholesale needs, then this is the site to check out.  (Seriously, we have a lot of wholesale straw hats!) Dynamic Asia imports straw hats from China and has wholesale ladies straw hats in varying styles and prices for all your customers, including on-trend wholesale straw fedora hats and wholesale lifeguard hats.

Wholesale straw hats for women are no longer just an accessory, they are a necessity! Smart women know the importance of wearing a quality straw hat to protect their faces from the damaging rays of the sun.  However, stylish women still want to find straw hats that will look fashionable and fabulous, too!  Dynamic Asia has the wholesale ladies straw hats for smart and stylish women!

We have simple, elegant, classic styles of hats perfect for relaxing vacations, gardening and afternoons at the pool.

straw hats manufacturers straw hats from china

We have several styles with chin straps, perfect for the more adventurous customers.  These hats are perfect for hiking, boating, biking and horseback riding.

beach hats wholesale straw hat suppliers straw hat wholesale

We have dressier hats for outdoor weddings and events.

wholesale straw hat suppliers wholesale straw beach hats

We also have stylish hats sure to turn heads.  These hats are trendy and fun and perfect for any outdoor activity.

straw hats wholesale wholesale ladies straw hats wholesale straw hats for women wholesale straw fedora hats

We are confident that you will not be disappointed by the quality and selection of these beautiful wholesale straw hats for women and hope you will allow Dynamic Asia to become your go-to wholesale straw hat supplier.  While you’re looking around the site, be sure and check out our wholesale beach bags also.

If you have any questions about our wholesale straw beach hats or any of other products, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us. We would be happy to assist you and answer your questions!

Happy Shopping!

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The Best Wholesale Ladies Straw Hats

We know there are many straw hat suppliers, but when it comes to finding the best wholesale ladies straw hats, Dynamic Asia is ahead of the competition.

Get it?  A “head” of the competition!

Oh boy.  All puns aside, we have the best straw hats wholesale.  Our hats are trendy, stylish, high-quality and a great value.  We also have an incredible selection: from wholesale ladies caps, to wholesale straw fedoras, to wholesale wide brim hats. If you want to find wholesale straw hats for women, then you need to check out our site. Our selection of womens hats is unbeatable.

Women are much more sun-conscious today than in the past which has resulted in an increase in hat sales. Women want to protect their faces from the damage of the sun, but they still want to look stylish and pulled-together while doing it.  Not just any hat will do, but we are confident that these stylish straw hats are up to the task!

best wholesale ladies straw hats premuim straw hats in bulk wholesale facesaver caps  stylish hats wholesale summer hats for women stylish straw hats wholesale

Check out our full collection at wholesale.dynamicasia.com. We are confident that you will find the perfect hats for your clientele. There are so many styles to choose from!  If you have any questions or want assistance in making selections, please contact us.  We would love to help you.

Happy Shopping!

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Wholesale Straw Hats for Women

Wholesale straw hats for women are one of the top selling hats for summer. Get your hands on the most exclusive styles for women, from a local Los Angeles hat supplier! Here at Dynamic Asia, wholesale hats for women come in all shapes, sizes and colors.

Check out our list of our most diverse straw hats, and stock up before they sell out! We ship worldwide, and offer discount prices for bulk orders.

To see a list of all our straw hats wholesale for women, click this link:

Wholesale Summer Hats by Dynamic

Scroll down to see a few of our top sellers!

Wholesale Colorful Mixed Braid Straw Sunhat Summer 2015-Dynamic Asia

This one is multicolored and is made of several different types of braids, including, heathered, spaced-dyed and solid-color braids.

Wholesale Straw Beach Hat with Turquoise Stone Band-Dynamic Asia

As one of the top premium straw hat suppliers, we love details. It’s those little touches that completely transform a hat from basic to a head-turner. This hat, for example, has small turquoise stones along the band of the hat. Ever see anything like it? 😉

Ombre Sun Hat Straw Sun Hat Wholesale-Dynamic Asia
Wholesale ladies straw hats follow the latest trends. The ombre trend looks just as great on a hat as it does for hair. This 2-Tone Ombre Sun Hat comes in six different colors, including, Brown, Navy, Olive, Black and Grey.

Earthtone Wide Brim Wholesale Hat-Dynamic Asia

When buying bulk straw sun hats, it is always smart to buy natural colors, as well as hats that have pops of color. This hat is natural, but has other earth tones, which make it super easy to wear with practically any outfit.

Wholeale Woven Straw Fedora With Cut Outs-Dynamic Asia

Fedoras are one of the most popular Los Angeles wholesale hats on the market. This woven straw fedora with faux leather band is made of fine bangora straw and the tiny cut outs form a vented eagle pattern on the side of the hat. Click the image to see the other colors it is available in!

Straw Hat with 2-Tone Bow Band-Dynamic Asia

This straw bucket kettle hat is a diverse hat for women of all ages. It is made of elegant paper braid and the upturned brim and 2-tone bow offer a great vintage touch. Channel your inner Coco Chanel walking on the boardwalk in France.

Straw Roll Up Visor with Bow at Back of Hat-Dynamic Asia

Don’t need a whole hat, and prefer a visor instead? No problem. We have the coolest visors on the market. We sell both classic visors, as well as roll up visors, such as this one. This straw visor is great for protecting your face from the sun, and has a cute little matching bow at the back.

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Happy Shopping!

-Team Dynamic

Wholesale Fedora Straw Hats

Wholesale fedora straw hats are the go-to stylish hat for Summer, but here at Dynamic Asia, we sell fedora styles for all year long! In summer, we specialize in straw as our number one material of choice, and wool felt for fall and winter.

To see a full list of our fedoras, click the link below.  In the meantime, check out our list of Top 6 straw fedoras!

Dynamic Asia Fedora Catalog

Woven Straw Fedora Wholesale Natural Straw with Black Band Fedora-Dynamic Asia

The fedora hat is a stylish hat that is a fashion staple. This is as classic as it gets: natural straw with a black band. Bulk fedora hats never looked so good!

Ombre Toyo Wide Brim Wholesale Fedora-Dynamic Asia

This ombre toyo wide brim fedora is made with starched paper straw, and has a brim of 3 inches!

Wholesale Fedora with Colored Leopard Band-Dynamic Asia

Fedoras wholesale can add a pop of color to any outfit. Take this fedora with colored leopard band for instance. The pop of color band trim comes in other variations, including red, fuchsia, lime and black.

Asymmetrical Straw Wholesale Summer Fedora-Dynamic Asia

When buying bulk fedora hats, it is always smart to add a style that is different than what is on the market. Here, the pop of color only lines the band across the hat, and the brim itself is asymmetrical, which is a new style.

Wholesale Tweed Straw Fedora with Band-Dynamic Asia

Wow, this is a great looking fedora! Wholesale beach accessories just got one step more attractive. This tweed straw fedora with faux leather band is exquisitely and perfectly designed. This style can be worn by woman of all ages!

Straw Fedora with Delicate Flower Print Wholesale Fedoras-Dynamic Asia

As one of the top leading straw hat suppliers in Los Angeles, we really try to have a diverse selection of hats. This straw fedora with delicate flower detail is so feminine and the flower detail is very subtle and artistic.

Like what you see? Fedoras are just 1 out of the many style hats we carry. Feel free to browse other styles in our catalog as well. We get new shipment regularly, so be sure to sign up for our Newsletter and receive updates on our newest arrivals! Also, be sure to Contact Us with any questions.

Happy Shopping!

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