Womens Wholesale Sun Visor Hats

With spring and summer just a few months away it’s time to start thinking about womens wholesale sun visor hats and sun hats. It’s never too soon to start your search for the perfect bulk summer sun visors so you can score some awesome deals and get the best selection. At Dynamic Asia we have you covered, literally, for summer. So here are some of our best women’s wholesale sun visors.

Shop Womens Wholesale Sun Visors from D/N/M/C

Go big, or go home with this oversized roll-up straw sun visor. If you’re looking for large wholesale visors for women, this one is perfect. It also easily rolls up for travel. And is a great buy if you’re looking for bulk sun hats.

womens sun visors wholesalewholesale visors for travel

Another roll-up style is this nautical navy striped straw sun visor with oversized bow. Whether you’re on the boat or hanging at the beach, this wholesale women’s hat summer style is great!

womens wholesale sun visor hats straw visors summer

And if you’re looking for something a bit smaller in brim size and darker in color we have this fashion sun visor made of paper straw with a soft padded band. And this straw sun visor with tweed color brim and faux suede string tie with small gold cube charms. It has a comfort sweatband and adjustable velcro closure. These make a great addition to your sun visors wholesale order.

ladies sun hats wholesale

bulk sun hats los angeles

Alternatively, if you’re looking for facesavers we have those too! This facesaver hat with open back is made of sturdy paper braid with a grosgrain band and edge in contrasting color. It has amazing UPF 50+ sun protection.

wholesale sun hats UPF

Last, but certainly not least, if you’re looking for a cross between a classic sun visor and a facesaver this roll-up sun visor made of paper braid, with cross-braid detail across brim is perfect!

buy wholesale womens hat summer

Want to see more wholesale straw visors? Check out more wholesale womens hat for summer on our website, Dynamic Asia.

If you have any questions about our sun hats wholesale or any of our items feel free to contact us through the contact page on our website.

Stay classy in a sun visor!

– Team Dynamic

UV Hats Wholesale

Summer means lots of fun-in-the-sun. Being out in the sunlight helps to provide the Vitamin D that our bodies need to operate properly and to improve our overall mood. However, being out in the sun for long periods of time without adequate protection for our skin can actually be harmful.

One of the best ways to protect your face from the damaging UV rays is by wearing a UV protective sun hat, also called UPF hats. You can stock your shop with these UV hats wholesale by visiting this section of our website:

 Wholesale Sun Protection Hats Online

Prolonged exposure to UV rays over an extended period can lead to skin-damaging sunburns, aging/wrinkles, and even skin cancer. Dynamic Asia has a large selection of women’s summer headwear that is comfortable, portable, stylish and protective. Check out our picks from this awesome collection of wholesale UV hats.

First up, this handwoven paper straw and ribbon sun hat in criss-cross weave pattern. It provides shade in style with it’s 4″ brim. This boho inspired style also comes in black, for a more sophisticated look.

UV Hats Wholesale Handwoven Straw sun hat


This is a take-everywhere-you-go hat! Stylish, functional and versatile hat with 5″ brim for ample shade. We love the wide brim paper braid and color block design.  This style comes in two heathered color ways, is completely pack-able, and offers UPF50+.

Heathered UV Sun Hat Wholesale


This women’s sun hat features a rustic stripe pattern that can add a chic twist to any summer wardrobe. With a brim of 5″, this wide brim sun hat in knitted paper straw with ombre design also provides excellent sun protection in two more color options.
Colorblock Toyo Straw UV Sunhat


If you want to buy wholesale UV hats in larger quantities, we also have a new website for high volume wholesale retailers.

If you have any questions about any of our UPF hats wholesale or other wholesale fashion accessories, please let us know.

Stay Fashionable,

-Team Dynamic


Our Best Straw Hat Wholesale

Are you looking for that best straw hat wholesale?  Is it getting time to shop for wholesale wide brim straw hats in general?

If so – you have come to the right place.  Dynamic Asia has all the wholesale straw hats you could need! We specialize in a wide variety of wholesale ladies and mens hats and we also take great pride in the quality of our merchandise.

Hats for wholesale are great for saving money and you also can increase your inventory. There are so many different styles to choose from, so you can’t go wrong with adding these terrific looking straw hats in your store.

Start shopping for wholesale ladies hats now by going to:

Wholesale Womens Hats Hats by Dynamic Asia

It’s the perfect time to start looking at sun hats wholesale – you need to check out our newest straw hats.

In order to enjoy our special wholesale pricing, a Tax ID will be necessary at checkout. If you are a new store just getting situated, please place your order anyway.

Here are a few other categories of fashion hats that you may be interested in?

Wholesale Summer Sun Visors

Wholesale Summer Kids Hats

Wholesale Wide Brim Sun Hats

Wholesale Summer Caps

Dynamic Asia is located in Los Angeles, California. We are the best wholesale hat company online.

Let’s take a look at some of our favorite best selling wholesale straw hats!

best straw hat wholesale

This wholesale wide brim straw hat is glamorous and very trendy, with a black grosgrain band and an adjustable inner drawstring.

wholesale wide brim straw hats

Above is another one of our wholesale wide brim straw hats – this lightweight wide brim ladies hat has a unique tribal pattern band with a matching and an adjustable inner drawstring.

hats for wholesale straw hat

A great colorblock design with a solid color brim. This paper braid kettle hat has a natural heather crown with a striped middle section.

These fun wholesale straw hats are available to all retailers! They are the perfect addition to your store and they will also become a customer favorite.

Don’t wait too long – summer is right around the corner! Please let us know if you have any questions, we are here to help you get the right wholesale hats.

Happy shopping!

-Team Dynamic

Wholesale White Hats

Whether you’re looking for blank wholesale white hats, sun hats wholesale, wholesale visors or wholesale panama hats and fedoras, Dynamic Asia is the place for you.

Dynamic Asia has hats in many styles, materials and colors, but today we want to focus on our white hats wholesale. There is something so glamorous and striking about a beautiful white hat. White hats match every outfit and flatter all hair and skin tones. Women in white hats ooze confidence and class!  White hats turn heads!

White visors bring to mind the classic tennis visor, but these sun visors are way too stylish to be confined to the court.

white-hats-wholesale los-angeles-visors-wholesale blank-hats-wholesale wholesale-visors

We also have some eye-catching white sun hats and, of course, the classic white fedora.

wholesale-panama-hats-and-fedoras sun-hats-wholesale womens-hats-wholesalewholesale-summer-hats

These simple and stylish hats are sure to be a customer favorite! They are effortlessly cool and chic.

All these hats also offer great sun protection. Today’s women know how important it is to protect their faces from the harmful rays of the sun.  These hats are perfect for customers wanting to look their best not just today, but thirty years from today, too!

Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions about any of our hats (in any color).  And while you’re shopping, check out our scarves, bags and other accessories too!

Happy Shopping!

-Team Dynamic

Protective Sun Hats Wholesale

Only stock your store with our high quality wholesale protective sun hats if your customers want to stay cool at the beach, lake, or in the pool at the swim-up bar!  :)

Ready to buy, and would rather not read a post about wholesale women’s hats that offer the best sun protection?  Jump right into shopping on our online catalog by going to:

Dynamic Asia’s Wholesale Sun Hats

As an established Los Angeles hat wholesaler, here at Dynamic Asia (About Us) we carry an extensive line of wholesale wide brim sun hats, perfect for giving your customers the most sun protection.

We work closely with dozens of manufacturers to ensure the highest quality wholesale hats at the most reasonable price points.  No where is this more evident than in our sun hats, where many of our hats block out the sun to such a great extent, they carry a UPF 50+ tag.

Where can you buy those wholesale sun hats that carry a UPF 50+ tag?  A few our pictured below.  Others can be found in this collection of our wholesale fashion accessories:

Buy Our Protection Hats Wholesale 

And here are the UPF 50 hats available wholesale – buy them now while they’re still in stock!

(Click on any hat photo to be taken to the “Sun Protection” page, where you can find these wholesale hats and others offering amazing sun protection for women.)

los angeles fashion blogger rachael dickhute in bikini - wide brim sun hat wholesale from dynamic asiaupf hats wholesale tags los angeles hat wholesaler natural sun protection hats -  wholesale straw hats - ships california hawaii florida polka dot sun hat - wholesale from los angeles hat supplier red hats wholesale sun hat polka dots - womens hat wholesaler ribbon crusher hat wholesale - sun hats - dynamic asia los angeles straw sun hats wholesale - womens hats wholesaler los angeles striped packable sun hats - wholesale from los angeles sun hats wholesale 2014 - los angeles hat wholesaler sun protection hats wholesale - buy cool hats from california hat wholesale company sun protective hats wholesale - physician and doctors recommend sun hats
where to buy wholesale hats - sun protective hat  - los angeles wholesaler wholesale sun protection wide brim hats - dynamic asia wide brim hats wholesale - los angeles wide brim sun hats wholesale sun protection womens hats

Amazing selection, right?

Again, just click on a hat to see more women’s wholesale hats that give you the best sun protections.

These hats won’t just leave your customers cool by the pool, they’ll save their skin too!

Honestly, we hope that more women this summer wear protective sun hats.  Of course, it’s great if those hats are from us, but if not, that’s fine too.

Because we believe that the more women who wear sun protective hats, the better their health, their skin, and even their style will be.

With love and wholesale hats,

-Team Dynamic



Wholesale Sun Protection Hats

With the heat constantly rising as summer swiftly approaches, buying wholesale sun protection hats is important to provide the optimal protection for your customers.  Stock your store and business up with the top protective sun hats for Summer 2014!

Here at Dynamic Asia (About Us) we stay one step ahead with the latest trends. Our most popular hats are the straw sun hats, but of course we carry a wide variety of styles, materials, and colors.

It is extremely important to protect the face from hazardous UV rays. It is great to have at least one go-to sun protective hat.  Below we have selected our top wholesale sun protective sun hats for women and our predictions for Summer 2014 trends– check them out!


Large Asymmetrical Summer Sun Hat with Radiant Orchid Lilac Sash Sun Hats Wholesale- Dynamic Asia

This shade of radiant orchid is on trend this season, so why not stock up on a hat with a band that is the hottest color of the season? This asymmetrical brim and sheer scarf hat is available in 8 other color options. Buy your UPF hats wholesale at Dynamic Asia!

Sun Hats Wholesale Extra Wide Brim Sun Hat- Dynamic Asia

This wide brim hat with mesh lining is cool and breathable. The juxtaposition of the braided straw really contrasts the rougher edges of the mesh.

UPF Hats Wholesale Summer Sun Protection Oversized Brim-Dynamic Asia

This oversized ribbon hat is among the biggest, most fabulous hats that we sell. You won’t get any sun burns with these wholesale sun protective hats!

Sun Hats Wholesale Extra Wide Brim Sun Hat- Dynamic Asia

If you are buying sun hats wholesale, you should definitely consider adding this hat to your list of must-haves. This lampshade hat is called “the facesaver”
because it does just that! It provides optimal face protection with the projected long bill. The contrast band is available in 9 other colors and available in lots of 12.

upf hats wholesale crushable striped hat- Dynamic Asia

This extra large wide brim women’s crusher hat can easily fold into a small bag.

Wholesale Sun Protection Hats For Women Natural Straw Linen Safari Hat- Dynamic Asia

Cover up with a linen safari hat. This style is like a fedora with extra protection because of the longer brim.

wholesale sun protective hats for women- Dynamic Asia

This is a basic floppy has a wire brim that is easy for shaping in any way you want.

Curious what else we have? Check out our Catalog and don’t forget to put your contact information on our Mailing List for our Newsletter for special updates and new arrivals!

Happy Shopping!

-Team Dynamic
Los Angeles, CA