Womens Wholesale Sun Visor Hats

With spring and summer just a few months away it’s time to start thinking about womens wholesale sun visor hats and sun hats. It’s never too soon to start your search for the perfect bulk summer sun visors so you can score some awesome deals and get the best selection. At Dynamic Asia we have you covered, literally, for summer. So here are some of our best women’s wholesale sun visors.

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Go big, or go home with this oversized roll-up straw sun visor. If you’re looking for large wholesale visors for women, this one is perfect. It also easily rolls up for travel. And is a great buy if you’re looking for bulk sun hats.

womens sun visors wholesalewholesale visors for travel

Another roll-up style is this nautical navy striped straw sun visor with oversized bow. Whether you’re on the boat or hanging at the beach, this wholesale women’s hat summer style is great!

womens wholesale sun visor hats straw visors summer

And if you’re looking for something a bit smaller in brim size and darker in color we have this fashion sun visor made of paper straw with a soft padded band. And this straw sun visor with tweed color brim and faux suede string tie with small gold cube charms. It has a comfort sweatband and adjustable velcro closure. These make a great addition to your sun visors wholesale order.

ladies sun hats wholesale

bulk sun hats los angeles

Alternatively, if you’re looking for facesavers we have those too! This facesaver hat with open back is made of sturdy paper braid with a grosgrain band and edge in contrasting color. It has amazing UPF 50+ sun protection.

wholesale sun hats UPF

Last, but certainly not least, if you’re looking for a cross between a classic sun visor and a facesaver this roll-up sun visor made of paper braid, with cross-braid detail across brim is perfect!

buy wholesale womens hat summer

Want to see more wholesale straw visors? Check out more wholesale womens hat for summer on our website, Dynamic Asia.

If you have any questions about our sun hats wholesale or any of our items feel free to contact us through the contact page on our website.

Stay classy in a sun visor!

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Wholesale Sun Visor Supplier

Summer is always a great time to get you store stocked with wholesale sun visor hats. The sun is hot and we want to keep your shoppers protected. We have many styles that are suitable for your store, so shop Dynamic Asia, your go-to wholesale sun visor supplier.

Shop Dynamic Asia’s Wholesale Sun Visors

Being one of the trusted sun visor suppliers in Los Angeles means we have a wide variety of wholesale visor hats ready to ship. So let’s start off by showing you some of our favorites that are available now.

Whether your shoppers are active golfers or just need some sun protection while lounging at the pool, we have fashionable wholesale straw sun visor hats that suit both lifestyles. Many of our wholesale visors are adjustable and have an interior sweatband.

buy wholesale visors

If the traditional visor isn’t your shoppers’ style, we do carry trendy wholesale visors that are inspired by the popular straw floppy hat style. They’re perfect for more leisurely activities.

wholesale visor hats and accessories wholesale sun visor hats los angeles

And if your shoppers love a pop of color, we also carry wholesale straw visors in an array of colors. The style is traditional but the colors add some pizzazz to the overall look.

sun visors wholesale for golf shop from sun visor suppliers

Our Wholesale Fashion Accessories Website has tons of styles so be sure to check out newest and hottest ladies golf visor hats at wholesale and other stylish accessories!

If you have any questions about any of our sun visors at wholesale or any other wholesale accessories from our website, you can always contact us through our contact page. We’re here to help!

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Wholesale White Hats

Whether you’re looking for blank wholesale white hats, sun hats wholesale, wholesale visors or wholesale panama hats and fedoras, Dynamic Asia is the place for you.

Dynamic Asia has hats in many styles, materials and colors, but today we want to focus on our white hats wholesale. There is something so glamorous and striking about a beautiful white hat. White hats match every outfit and flatter all hair and skin tones. Women in white hats ooze confidence and class!  White hats turn heads!

White visors bring to mind the classic tennis visor, but these sun visors are way too stylish to be confined to the court.

white-hats-wholesale los-angeles-visors-wholesale blank-hats-wholesale wholesale-visors

We also have some eye-catching white sun hats and, of course, the classic white fedora.

wholesale-panama-hats-and-fedoras sun-hats-wholesale womens-hats-wholesalewholesale-summer-hats

These simple and stylish hats are sure to be a customer favorite! They are effortlessly cool and chic.

All these hats also offer great sun protection. Today’s women know how important it is to protect their faces from the harmful rays of the sun.  These hats are perfect for customers wanting to look their best not just today, but thirty years from today, too!

Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions about any of our hats (in any color).  And while you’re shopping, check out our scarves, bags and other accessories too!

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Wholesale Visors for Women

Wholesale visors for women are a very versatile hat to purchase, because they can be used for a variety of reasons. They can be used for sports, such as volleyball or golf. They can be used for gardening, strolls on the beach, and even on your next vacation or stay at a resort.

The possibilities are endless. The good things about visors is that they are small enough for traveling, and some even roll up into cones to save space.

If you are in the market for buying visors, then please check out our entire Sun Visor Collection. But before you do, scroll down to see some of our top favorites!

Wholesale Straw Visors-Dynamic Asia

Wholesale visors are best when they are bright and colorful, especially for Summer! This colorblock visor is a roll up, which means it is a spacesaver and perfect for your next vacation.

Wholesale Straw Sun Visors-Dynamic Asia

Wholesale sun visors are perfect for sports, like this one. It is small and versatile. It is made of wheat straw and has a clip buckle on the side for extra style. 

Wholesale Sun Visors-Dynamic Asia

Wholesale straw visors are great for gardening, because they are light and breathable. Stay cool under the sun with this roll up sun visor with bow. How cute is this?

Wholesale Tennis and Golf Visors-Dynamic Asia

Wholesale tennis and golf visors like this one are chic and stylish.  Why? It has an adjustable velcro closure which helps with comfort. There is also a sweatband that will help keep cool and refreshed. 

Wide Brim Hat Wholeale Visors-Dynamic Asia

Which woman would not want a nice colorful hat? This fuchsia is so wide that it looks like a wide brim hat, rather than a visor. It sits on the head more like a wide brim would, except the top of the head is exposed as it ties in the back with the ribbon. This shade of fuchsia is a great pop of color and is a major head turner.


Maybe your client likes color, but in moderation. This visor is perfect and more subtle than a full on colorful hat. This visor incorporates color blocking and only has color along the trim of the hat. Look at all the color variations available. Variety is always great when it comes to fashion and accessorizing!

Wholesale Visors Extra Wide Brim Hat-Dynamic Asia

We also have extra wide brim visors. Sometimes extra sun coverage is necessary for those extra hot and sunny days. These extra long brim visors do no work so well when it comes to sports, because they can block eye sight or inhibit quick movement as needed in volleyball.

However, they work really well when laying out by a pool or ocean, when taking a nice stroll, for gardening, or any other lighter action activity. Most of these extra wide brim hats are called “face savers,” and for a reason. If you are shopping for function, this is a great choice. PS: These visors roll into a little cone. Convenience at it’s best!

Like what you see? Order your new Summer and Spring sun visors now! Fill out our order form, and feel free to Contact Us with any questions or concerns.

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Sun Hats and Visors Wholesale

When buying sun hats and visors wholesale, it is best to choose a variety of colors. Here at Dynamic Asia, we carry a wide selections of styles in the most popular colors for summer.

Not only is looking good important, but protecting your skin is one of the top reasons to wear a sun hat. Our sun hats and visors are made to offer UV protection, AND make your customers look like a style queen.

If you would like to see our entire Wholesale Summer Sun Hat Catalog, click that link!

In the meantime, check out the list of our best sellers! Make sure to stock up your sun hat collection, because Summer 2015 will be here in no time!

Wholesale Sun Visors Straw Hats Summer 2014-Dynamic Asia

When buying sun visors wholesale, you are buying diversity. Sun visors can be worn casually for a stroll on the boardwalk, but they are also amazing for sport use, such as when playing tennis, gold, volleyball, etc…How great is this colorful sporty style?

Roll-Up Sun Visor Sun Hats-Dynamic Asia

Roll Up Sun Hats Sun Visors-Dynamic Asia

These wholesale visors are great for a more glamourous look. They are a roll-up style, which makes it super convenient to pack in your purse when traveling. It rolls up into a little cone, and therefore, will never bend and lose its original shape.

Wide Brim Sun Hat-Dynamic Asia

Wholesale sun hats never looked so good! This one is one of the largest and most glamourous sun hats we have. It is available in classic colors such as natural straw, black, and white.

Straw Wholesale Floppy Hat and Matching Purse Combination-Dynamic Asia

Wholesale floppy beach hats are fun and a beach go-er’s favorite go-to hat! This style has flowers and butterfly design along the side. There is also a matching purse available if desired!

Dynamic Asia Beach Hats Los Angeles Wholesale Supplier Open Weave Straw Hat with Bright Colorful Sash Bow

This open weave straw hat is made with a colorful sheer sash that is available in several different colors, including black, white, fuchsia, and light green!

Wholesale Straw Cloche with Long Brim- Dynamic AsiaWhen was the last time you saw a cloche with a long brim?? This asymmetrical straw cloche has an extra long brim to protect from the sun. Cute and stylish.

Any favorites? Buy bulk sun hats and save! Did you know we offer discounts for big bulk orders? 😉 What are you waiting for?

Please Contact Us with any questions, and we look forward to connecting with you soon!

Happy Shopping!

-Team Dynamic

Sun Visors Wholesale

If you’re looking to buy wholesale sun visors – the kind you wear on your head, not use in your car – you’ve come to the right place!

Visors – (also known as “visor hats” or even “face savers”) – are a popular sun protection accessory in the spring and summertime, and the summer of 2013 is no different.

Here at Dynamic Asia (About Us) we love headwear that can offer both great sun protection (UPF 50+) and look fashionable at the same time.

Women’s sun visors are not just for the golf course anymore.  Ladies of all ages are wearing them to the beach, pool, park, or anytime they want to go out for a stroll and ward off the harmful rays of the sun.

Does your store carry different types of sun hats, but not visors?  Why not?

Visors are a great addition for any store or wholesaler carrying a line of straw hats and/or beach accessories.  Plus, many of them are roll-up visors, making them easy to ship!


A few of Dynamic Asia’s Roll-up Visors

We carry over 30 different types of visors, with multiple colors for each style. To see all of our women’s summer visors, please go to our section inconspicuously titled page: Dynamic Asia’s Women’s Visors.  :)

For this post, we selected ten of our favorite visors.  Click on any of the pictures to see other colors and purchase!

wholesale visors - straw facesaver

straw visors wholesale - rollup sun visor bow sun visors wholesale - two-tone roll-up visor

rollup-visor-wholesale - orange striped ribbon rollup-visor-wholesale - fuchsia striped ribbon roll-up visor wholesale - heathered paper braid red visors wholesale - cross-braid straw pink visors wholesale - cross-braid straw wholesale sun visors - straw mesh large sun visors wholesale - 7-inch brim

So, help your customers keep the sun off their faces while staying in the shade.  Buy your sun visors wholesale from Dynamic Asia today!

Happy Shopping!

-Team Dynamic