Straw Hats Wholesale Los Angeles

The search is over: There’s a place to buy high quality straw hats wholesale in downtown Los Angeles!

That place, of course, is right here at Dynamic Asia – a California straw hat supplier since 1990.

But you don’t have to be in California – or even the US – to buy our wholesale straw hats.  Shop now on our secure wholesale fashion accessories website:

Below you’ll find a selection of some of our newest – and best – wholesale women’s straw hats.

But you’d rather shop than read, you say?  Here’s a few links to our secure wholesale fashion website to help you start buying wholesale women’s hats right now:

Wholesale Straw Hats by Dynamic Asia

Wholesale Sun Protection Hats by Dynamic Asia

Wholesale Straw Beach Hats and Beach Accessories from Dynamic Asia

Don’t see what you’re looking for on those pages?  Browse our entire site at

Now let’s have a look at some amazing wholesale straw hats for women from Dynamic Asia’s summer hat brand Boardwalk Style.

floppy straw hats wholesale

When you buy one of our wholesale floppy straw hats you are getting an amazing combination: sun protection with elegance.

wholesale beach hats

This organic raffia straw hat with fringe is one of our new arrivals.  See all of our newest Wholesale Straw Hats for This Summer (And Beyond!) by clicking that link!

wholesale sun hats los angeles

Yep, that’s another organic raffia straw hats – available wholesale in our Wholesale Straw Panama Hats section, among others.

Here are some others!

summer hats wholesale suppliers cheap straw hats for sale wholesale straw hats boaters women

Yes, that’s a boater!  Our wholesale straw boater hats make great beach hats, as well as excellent summer hats in general.  Shop Our Wholesale Boater Hats today!

organic raffia straw hats wholesale

wholesale kaminski straw hats

Last, by far from least, one of our premium wholesale crochet raffia straw hats – some might refer to as kaminski-level hats – are available in our collection:

Premium Wholesale Straw Hats

And..that’s it!  Aren’t those organic raffia hats (available wholesale) amazing?

Of course, we have cheaper hats as well. If you’re looking for cheap straw hats for sale, or even cheap straw hats in bulk, don’t miss out summer closeout hats – the quality is high, but the prices are low – the best of both worlds!  :)

Please let us know if there’s something specific you’re looking for – if it’s a wholesale women’s hat, we can probably find it for you.

And of course, if you have any questions – about ordering or anything else – please don’t hesitate to Contact Us.

Happy Shopping!

-Team Dynamic

Wholesale Wide Brim Floppy Hats

Dynamic Asia knows wholesale wide brim floppy hats are no longer a summer accessory, they are a summer necessity!

Want to stop reading and start shopping?  Check out all of our wholesale summer floppy hats on our online catalog:

See ALL of our Wholesale Sun Hats and Floppy Hats

Women need to protect their faces from the damaging rays of the sun, but still want to look stylish while doing it!  Enter our wholesale floppy sun hats!

Tired of reading?  Shop our Wide Brim Sun Hats

We have floppy hats wholesale for every age and style of client.  Dynamic Asia’s wholesale beach accessories cannot be beat when it comes to quality and selection. We pride ourselves on our beautiful wholesale beach hats!  These hats will not only have your customers looking fabulous this summer, but will protect their faces so they’re still looking fabulous for many summer to come!

We have wholesale floppy beach hats at several price points in many different styles, colors and materials.  Our wholesale floppy hats are a customer favorite because they are easy to pack and effortlessly chic.  If you are looking for wholesale floppy straw hats or wholesale girls hats, then you really need to check out our selection!

Dynamic Asia is one of the top wholesale hat suppliers in Los Angeles and with hats like these, it’s no wonder!

We have many classic and elegant straw floppy wholesale hats in natural colors for women who like to keep their look simple and timeless.

wholesale wide brim floppy hats best wholesale floppy hats summer straw wide brim sun hat floppy hats wholesale premium straw hat wholesale floppy straw hats beach summer hat wholesale hat supplies wholesale floppy beach hats

We also have more bold and unique colors and styles for women who like to stand out in a crowd!

wholesale sun hats must-have beach hats wholesale wholesale beach hats wholesale girls hats stylish hats wholesale wholesale beach accessories bulk floppy sun hats bulk wholesale floppy hats

As you can see, we have casual and dressy styles, perfect for vacations, errands, gardening, outdoor concerts and even outdoor weddings!  There truly is a hat for every woman and a hat for every occasion!

If you have questions about our wholesale sun hats, please contact us. We can answer your questions or assist you in making selections.

Hats as beautiful as these, look great with beautiful straw beach bags and totes!  So check out our selection of wholesale bags while you’re here!

Happy Shopping!

-Team Dynamic


Wholesale Fashion Hats for the Summer

Dynamic Asia has the wholesale fashion hats, wholesale floppy hats, and wholesale beach hats you’ve been looking for!  When it comes to fashion hats wholesale Los Angeles, Dynamic Asia is certainly the first place you want to look for the best selection, quality and prices.

More and more women are wearing hats this year.  Whether it’s for style of shade, hats are the way to go.  In other words, hats are stylish and fun and offer smart sun-protection. And boy do we have a myriad of styles available to retailers.  Whether you’re looking for panama hats, fedoras, visors, bucket hats, cowboy hats or summer beach hats, Dynamic Asia has you covered (literally!).

Here are a few of our many wholesale summer fashion hats. From trendy fedoras to classic wide-brim straw hats, there is a hat to please everyone.  Now, how will you choose which ones to order?

panama hats wholesale cowboy westen hat wholesale women straw beach hats wholesale fedoras wholesale straw hats wholesale wholesale straw summer bucket hats

Check out the full collection of summer hats on our wholesale hat website and don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions about our hats or other accessories.

Remember, when you talk to Dynamic, you’re talking to people who have been in the hat business for over 25 years.  Let us help you find the perfect summer fashion hats for your customers.

Happy Shopping!

-Team Dynamic


Wholesale Beach Accessories – Summer 2016

If you are looking to stock up on the hottest product for this season, you should invest in some quality wholesale beach accessories for the summer of 2016. 

Dynamic Asia has been in business for over 20 years, and part of our success is knowing what the trends are and catching them ahead of time, just in time for you to buy wholesale and stock your business.

We specialize in scarves, resort straw handbags and women’s hats. This is true, regardless of the season, we have something for you.

Feel free to scroll down and see a sample of some of the latest Summer accessories for 2016:

Wholesale Beach Hats-White Hat For the Beach Summer 2016-Dynamic Asia

If you are looking for wholesale beach hats, Dynamic Asia is the place for you. This safari sun hat is perfect for the beach, because not only does it come in white, black, natural, brown and two-tone black & white, the style of the long brim offers added sun protection from harsh UV rays! When shopping for Summer hats, it is important to keep both fashion and function in mind…click the image to see the other colors it is available in.

Wholesale Floppy Hats for the Beach Summer 2016 Beach Accessories-Dynamic Asia

Wholesale floppy hats for the beach are a must have this Summer 2016. Check out this crusher hat. Why did this style make the list? Because it is a packable style. That’s right– you can fold, bend, roll, “crush” this “packable crusher hat” any which way, and it will still maintain whatever shape you style it as. Style is as floppy as you want, or with the brim as straight as you want. This style is perfect for small bags, or for large beach bags that are packed to the brim with limited space. Also great for traveling!

Wholesale Bags Southern California Straw Hats Wholesale-Dynamic Asia

What hat best describes wholesale hats Southern California? The cowboy hat, of course! You cannot go wrong with any of our classic cowboy styles. Perfect for that All-American, Southern California beach style.

wholesale beach totes

Nautical themed beach bags are among the most popular style bulk beach bags on the market. Some examples are styles with anchors and any bags with thin or thick stripes. Stripe patterns will always be in style and popular, so check out this colored stripe straw bag with thick rope handles. Doesn’t this bag just look so sturdy? This style is among our top sellers, because it is perfectly big enough, yet chic enough to carry to the beach or on a casual picnic.

Unisex Wholesale Straw Beach Hats-Dynamic Asia

Wholesale straw hats come in many shapes and forms. You’ve seen the floppy, you’ve seen the safari, now why not check out one of our top sellers year ’round? Though the fedora style does not offer as much sun protection as the other hats on his list, it is, and always will be a go-to because of it’s versatility. Many styles can be worn by both women and men. When you can buy one unisex style hat for both women and men, you’ve scored tremendously because you have double the shopper for one style! Click the image to see the other colors! Buy neutrals, buy brights– we have them all.

Summer is the month to accessorize with straw, lightweight fabrics, and a pop of color. You’ve seen just a handful of our Summer product, now shop the entire collections!

Click here to see our directory for all our Summer Hats, Straw Bags, and Summer Scarves.

Wholesale beach accessories never looked better. Whether you are going for boho chic for music festivals, or chic resort for your next vacation, make Dynamic your one-stop-shop. 

As always feel free to reach out to us if you have any questions. You can Contact Us with any inquiries, or if you would like to set up an appointment to view and shop our showroom in person.

Showroom walk throughs are by appointment only, so please be sure to call ahead of time!

Happy Shopping!

-Team Dynamic

Wholesale Hats and Beach Bags in Bulk

Are you looking for unique and quality wholesale hats and beach bags?  Perhaps to buy in bulk?

If it’s wholesale beach accessories you’re looking for, look no further for beautiful and fashionable wholesale beach hats and wholesale sun hats!  (Click those links to see what we have in stock right now!)

Are you curious to see what sort of summer scarves wholesale are available?  Or are you ready to stock up on fun and trendy bulk beach bags?  If so, then Dynamic Asia is the site you’ve been searching for.  Congrats – you’ve found us!  :)

A trip to the beach starts by packing (and finding) the perfect beach bag.  Your shoppers are sure to love our many functional and stylish bags, available wholesale right here on this site!

We have big chunky, trendy wholesale beach bags and classic straw handbags that can go from the beach to dinner.  All of our high quality wholesale bags have plenty of room to pack those beach essentials!

wholesale hats and beach bags summer 2016 fashion beach bags summer wholesale beach bags trendy

No trip to the beach (or the pool or the farmer’s market or the kid’s soccer game) is complete without a summer hat!  We have wholesale hats and visors that are easy to pack, and wholesale wide-brim straw hats that are sure to keep the sun off your face while looking fabulous!

wholesale sun visors california straw summer hats

Summer scarves are all the rage!  These wholesale scarves are so functionable — whether as a sheer cover up on the beach or to tie your hair back or to add a little color and style to any summer ensemble.  Shoppers are going to want to buy several of these! (Plus, they make great birthday and Mother’s Day gifts!)

wholesale summer scarves bulk summer scarves

Don’t these wholesale hats and beach bags (and wholesale summer scarves) make you want to plan your next beach vacation?  Or at the very least, stock your store with amazing wholesale beach accessories?  We thought so!

If you have any questions about any of our many beach accessories, please don’t hesitate to Contact Us, and talk to anyone here at our family business. We’re here to help.

Happy Shopping!

-Team Dynamic




Summer Hats Wholesale – 2015

Summer hats wholesale – 2015, consist of many different styles, including, wide brim, cowboy, fedora, bucket, kettle, sun visors, and much more.

Here at Dynamic Asia, we have a wide selection of premium hats for all seasons, but our Summer hat collection is our most popular.

People from all around the world want California style hats, and with our showroom based here in sunny Los Angeles, we sure know a thing or two about what styles are in for sun protection.

We have put together a list of our most popular hat styles– there is definitely something for everyone! Also, if you would like to see our entire catalog after looking at our list, feel free to click the link below:

Dynamic Asia Wholesale Summer Hat Catalog

Natural Wide Brim Straw Hat Summer 2015-Dynamic Asia

When you are looking for the most sun protection, the best hat to go for is the wide brim hat. This style has the longest brim, and will offer optimal sun protection for those extremely harsh sunny days.

Wholesale Summer Hats Black Lampshade Hat for Summer 2015-Dynamic Asia

The lampshade is also a great facesaver style, because the brim is angled downward. It is almost like wearing an umbrella for a hat, except it is super chic and stylish 😉

Western Style Wide Brim Hat with Denim Bow Summer 2015 Hats-Dynamic Asia

This western wide brim with denim bow is a nice twist on the classic natural straw wide brim. The pleated denim band tied into a side bow is also a nod to the classic, All-American style.

Obre Toyo Wide Brim Fedora Summer Hats 2015-Dynamic Asia

Fedoras can be wide brim too! Bet you didn’t know that! This is one of our widest brim fedora styles, and it is made of an ombre starch paper straw. This hat is also available in brown, fuchsia and green.


If you are looking for a classic fedora, this is the one. It is made of a tweed straw and has a faux leather band for extra detail.

Straw Bucket Kettle Summer 2015 Hat-Dynamic Asia

This bucket hat is perfect for strolling along the boardwalk.


Clip-On straw visors are perfect for the beach, especially for protecting your face from the sun when you plan on playing some beach volleyball. The sun visor hat is designed for sport wear, because it stays in place and will not fly away with fast movements.


Last, but not least: If you are going to go all out and get a summer hat, why not go for the classic cowboy style? This raffia cowboy hat has turquoise blue and brown beading across the band.

Ready to order? We are barely moving into Winter here in California, but believe it or not, now is the perfect time to order for Summer. Once the warmer months start to roll in, we may be temporarily out of stock.

Order with Dynamic Asia and save! We offer the most competitive prices, as well as the most diverse styles for all seasons. Contact Us with any questions you may have, we are happy to help!

Happy Shopping!

-Team Dynamic