Southern California Hat Company

Are you curious about the top of the line California hat company called Dynamic Asia?  We are a premier supplier of LA style wholesale products that are popular, but also up-to-date with all of the fashion trends. We take great pride in making sure that we are able to not only take great care of our customers, but we want to provide the best wholesale pricing and fashion accessories.

Wholesale Winter Hats On Sale

We cater to all areas in California and across the globe. San Diego and Los Angeles are just a few of the large cities that have our merchandise. If you are a San Diego hat company seeking wholesale pricing, don’t worry – we have just the right wholesale fashion accessories that you will absolutely love. Our San Diego hats at wholesale pricing are fun, but they also have a great look that all of your customers will absolutely love.

california hat company

Thinking about opening a store in Los Angeles? We can guide you through the process of putting LA hats with wholesale pricing all over your show room floor to attract new customers.  Your LA showroom at wholesale pricing is important to us. We truly believe that when you succeed, we have done our job correctly.

san diego hat company wholesale

You really want to find the best headwear suppliers and you also want to make sure that you are working with a wholesale hat company that has your back.  Our team can take you to that next level where you are able to have a great look to your showroom floor, but you are able to do it affordably and successfully.

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Please take a look at our wholesale website for more information. If you are looking for even more merchandise, our sister site is another great alternative.

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Let’s have some fun getting ready for 2018!

-Team Dynamic

Wholesale Hats Free Shipping

It’s time to officially start looking for wholesale hats with free shipping! It may seem overwhelming, because our inventory has so many different styles to choose from, but here at Dynamic Asia, we strive for excellence!

We are a premier wholesale hat company in Los Angeles with an excellent reputation. We aim for the best customer service, but we also want our hats to be fashionable and trendy.

All of our wholesale fashion hats are in demand, but we always are ready to fulfill any order that our retailers may need. If you are starting to purchase fashion hats at wholesale pricing, then you are in the right place.

Wholesale Women’s Bulk Sun Hats

We also have several different types of wholesale women’s hats that are available.

Wholesale Sun Visors

Wholesale Panama Hats

Wholesale Boater Hats

Wholesale Wide Brim Sun Hats

Getting a good deal in bulk sun hats is never going to be a problem with Dynamic Asia. We will make sure that you get excellent customer service, but we also can answer any of your questions.

Let’s take a look at a few of our wholesale hats that have free shipping available!

bulk sun hats at wholesale pricing

The perfect assortment of sun hats and crushable wide brim hats that are perfect for the summer of 2017.

whole straw hats and straw bags

It just doesn’t get better than this – an assortment of high quality straw hats and handbags at wholesale pricing.

whole bright color summer hats

Add some bright colors into your store! This special offer includes: six fedora hats, two wide brim hats, one sun visor, and one straw handbag.

Talk about some great-looking wholesale hats right? We are very proud of our merchandise and we know that you will be too!

Please take the time to check out our website and contact us if you have any questions or you would like to place an order. We would love to help you out.

Wholesale Fashion Hats for Ladies

Are you wondering where to buy wholesale fashion hats for ladies? If so, AWESOME, because Dynamic Asia is a wholesale hat company where you can purchase amazing hats in every style! You’ve come to the right place.

If you already know exactly what you are looking for, go directly to our website and shop away!

Wholesale Fashion Accessories at Dynamic Asia

We admit, “wholesale fashion hats” is a broad topic. There are so many different collections, categories, and styles that can be discussed. Just to name a few, we could explore resort fashion wholesale, festival vibes, Miami glamour looks, or boho chic styles because they are all great modes! When it comes to women’s headwear, Dynamic Asia has it all and we love sharing our products with you.

But today, let’s focus our attention on 2016’s upcoming wholesale trends and styles that your customers are guaranteed to love.

1. Wholesale Beachy Straw Hats

Wholesale Wide Brim Safari HatWholesale Fedora Hat for WomenWomens Wholesale Wide Brim Straw Hat

Straw hats are especially hot with the warm weather creeping in! (No pun intended…) As you can see, there are so many different kinds of beachy straw hats. There are wide brimmed floppy straw hats, fedora hats, straw safari hats, and more – all available wholesale from Dynamic.

Wholesale straw hats are great for obvious reasons: one being, to protect your face from UV rays. They also dress up an outfit by taking it to the next level. It can be worn to the beach and, of course, on a day-to-day basis. Because every woman needs at least one summer straw hat, they are all the rage and are flying off shelves!

2. Boater Hats Wholesale (Click that link to see ALL of our wholesale boater hats!)

boater hats wholesale skimmer hatWholesale Boater Hat WhiteWholesale Straw Boater Hat with Flowers

Boater hats are also a trending 2016 style! They may have been known for being the popular men’s summer hat in the early 20th century, but now boater hats are a fashion statement as they have been reappearing in several high-end runway shows this year. It’s perfect for women wearing a handsome skirt suit or pantsuit, perfect for fashion forward women, and perfect for your boutique!

3. Ladies Sun Visors Wholesale

Wolesale Visor for Women
Womens Wholesale VisorWolesale Sun Visor with BowWholesale Facesaver Visor

Were you under the impression that women’s sun visors are for tennis players, golfers, and older ladies? Well think again because this season visors are IN. They are loved for it’s practicality as it keeps the sun out of your face while making sure your hair isn’t covered by a crown. If they sell women’s sun visors at Chanel, you know its big. Get some visors for your establishment and join the team!

4. Wholesale Bucket Hats for Women

Wholesale Bucket HatsWhite and Gray Bucket Hat WholesaleBucket Hat Wholesale Blue

Bucket hats are extremely popular! Rhianna, Christina Aguilera, and Hilary Duff are just a few of the many celebrities who have been spotted wearing trendy bucket hats. What was once known as a “fisherman’s hat” is now the “stylish IT-girl hat”! As bucket hats often come in bright colors or fun patterns, it’s a great way to add excitement to a wardrobe. Definitely a must-have item for your store!

5. Wide Brimmed Elegant Sun Hats

Ladies Sun Hat WholesaleColorblock Sun Hat Women WholesaleCrusher Hat Wholesale RedLadies Derby Hat Wholesale

Women never pass up on an opportunity to dress/feel classy and chic. What better way to do this than with one of our wholesale wide brimmed floppy hats! It can be worn to upscale tea parties, derbies, Sunday brunches, or even to church. If you’re clientele are looking for hats for such occasions, definitely take a look into our selection because fabulous wide brimmed sun hats are all the talk!

If any of the above items pique your interest, check out! We carry all of the listed wholesale ladies hats. You can also go to the links below to find specific styles and pieces!

Wholesale Summer Hats

Wholesale Boater Hats

Wholesale Women’s Sun Visors

Wholesale Bucket Hats

Contact us if you have any questions, comments, or concerns regarding our products, policies, and more!

Thank you for reading and happy shopping!

-Team Dynamic


Hat Distributors and Hat Vendors

Are you a retail store who has been searching the internet for hat distributors or hat vendors?  Well, congrats!  You’ve found a hat company that is both!

You might be wondering if we are both a hat vendor and hat distributor?  Well, sort of.

We are definitely a hat distributor.  Here at Dynamic Asia (About Us) we have an enormous selection of women’s and men’s hats.  We also frequently receive new shipments, stocking our fashion warehouse with the latest styles and fashions for every season!

To see our online catalog of wholesale hats – including our new arrivals – just click the “Shop” button above, or follow this link:

Dynamic Asia’s Online Wholesale Accessories Catalog 

As for being a “hat vendor,” you can buy hats from us, but only if you are a retailer or wholesaler.  In other words, we are a B2B (Business to Business).  So if that’s what you mean by “hat vendor,” then we’re definitely it!

I know, when some folks say “hat vendor” they may be referring to a smaller boutique or retail store, or perhaps even a fashion kiosk in a mall.  Or maybe even a guy selling hats on the beach, with a huge stack on his head!

Sorry, that ain’t us.  (Even though we occasionally put huge stacks of hats on our heads! :)

As you can tell by this post, we do like to have a little fun.  However, we are serious about our business.

While other wholesale hat companies might sit back and order the same styles, year after year, we like to stock our fashion warehouse with the latest headwear trends.  Sure, we carry classic styles such as:

hat distributors - classic wholesale straw wide brim hatBut we also a regularly finding new fashion forward styles, such as:

wholesale-fedora-hat-zigzag-2013 wholesale straw hat - heather cloche - 2013

And so, if you’re a retailer or wholesaler looking for wholesale hats, we encourage you to explore our website.  You’ll find all the great hats you need!

Our company can handle orders ranging from 20 units to 20,000 units.  We pride ourselves on our flexibility, quality product, and unparalleled customer service.

In other words, what are you waiting for – buy your wholesale hats today!  :)

Happy shopping!

-Team Dynamic